Corporate Development

Under the Road & Belt Initiative and relying on main businesses of Shandong Hi-Speed Group, we adopt a people-oriented concept to seek international cooperation at the guidance of Shandong’s policy to foster new growth drivers to replace old ones. As a platform to integrate quality resources of home and abroad, we take advantages of our global market experience to create a “CSI” brand of Shandong Hi-Speed Group with an influential impact on global business, international contracting, and investment areas under the environment of go-global and bring-in strategy. We are dedicated to create an atmosphere of happiness for our staff. 

Corporate Vision

Global Engineering Service, Investment andFinancing SectorWe shall mobilize resources in engineering service and investment and financing sector and do our best in internationalization of CSI s main business.


Multinational Enterprise Group:With international market-oriented strategy and global vision, we aim at effectively allocating resources around the world and cooperating with all the countries and
regions to achieve a win-win situation and good reputation.


International Influence:Influence does not merely refer to the maximum economic returns but also highlight the respect shown by all clients and competitors in the same industry. With excellent development strategy, innovation capabilities outstanding talents, abundant capital, corporate culture and brand effect, we are engaged in strengthening our overall competitiveness to become an multinational corporation with global influence which enables us to participate in formulating industrial standards and contributing to the sound development of global engineering service and investment and financing sector.

Sincerity:We re meticulous about every work and pursue perfection of each segment and procedure to ensure quality and safety. We treat our partner with sincerity and gratitude. We win trust and respect with genuine attitude. We undertake social responsibility to create a harmonious society


Integration:With international vision and open mind, we shall integrate the essence of ethnic characteristics and global marketing in corporate management and operation and promote corporate innovation and development following the human-oriented principle.

Unity:Carrying on the fine tradition of solidarity cooperation, respect and understanding. we are striving to forge a happy and harmonious team committed to mutual trust and support, learning and innovation.

Dedication:Carrying forward the good tradition of diligence and persistence, we shall always confront difficulties bravely and sincerely fulfill our duties, serving our country and customers heart and soul.

Corporate Mission

To Deliver Value to Clients:We shall satisfy the demand of clients and provide themwith quality and efficient service We shall update resources and technologies as well as serve clients with knowledge and sophisticated methods: We shall pursue benefits for clients and regard clients satisfaction as the ultimate aim.


To Produce Economic Benefits for Partners: We shall produce economic benefits for partners that stand together with us regardless of situation based on the win-win principle.


To Bring Happiness to Staff:We shall take employee benefits as the focal point and employee demands as central task. In addition, we shall attract outstanding talents with better salary, welfare, training system and good prospect and enable them to make success in career with pleasant feelings in spiritual and material worlds.


Corporate Spirit